Landmarks in the tournament's history...


The 31st edition of the Montreux Volley Masters was an experimental masterpiece: brand new teams, with Thailand making its first appearance and Belgium only its second since 1984, technical innovations (an LED net, revised challenge system, the use of tablets by referees and coaches, and last but not least, a brand new entertainment and catering concept for spectators). China dominated events in the sporting arena, overcoming Thailand in the final. Thailand were the surprise stars of the tournament, having defeated Turkey, champions of the 2015 Montreux Volley Masters, during Saturday’s semi-finals in front of their ecstatic fans. In the third place play-off, the vanquished Turkish team redeemed itself by beating the Netherlands. The return of the Swiss team was another high note; the organisers have signed an agreement with the team to guarantee its presence at Montreux until 2018.


For its thirtieth edition in 2015, the Montreux Volley Masters was once again welcoming eight of the best women's teams on the planet, including three (China, Japan and Italy) that were ranked among the top five in the world.
Turkey, with a spectacular comeback against Japan (3-2), claimed the crown of the 2015 Montreux Volley Masters.
In the bronze medal match, the Netherlands outclassed Russia 3-0.
Germany and Italy finished fifth, China and the Dominican Republic seventh.
To mark the thirtieth anniversary, the organizers had decided to reward volleyball fans by selling tickets for all matches, including the semi-finals and finals, at the single and symbolic price of 30 Swiss Francs.


Germany claimed gold at the 29th edition of the Montreux Volley Masters. In a thrilling final match, the team of head coach Giovanni Guidetti overcame the United States of America 3-1 to celebrate their first triumph in history of the Montreux Volley Masters with a collective bath in the fresh waters of the Léman Lake!
In the game for the bronze medal, Russia defeated China 3-2.
Brazil won against Japan 3-1 to finish fifth.
After their successful return the year before, the Swiss national team was back again in Montreux in 2014. The Timo Lippuner squad completed the tournament on the seventh place, together with the Dominican Republic.


Brazil, Olympic title-holder, won the 28th edition of the Montreux Volley Masters. In the piercingly competed final, the ‘’seleçaõ ‘’ distanced itself by a victory 3-0 to the Russian team, last World Champion, for the greatest pleasure of all 2'040 spectators of the Pierrier. It is the 6th title of the South-American team in twelve participations in Montreux. Besides Brazil and Russia, Dominican Republic and Italy proved their progress. To win the bronze medal, the sparkling Carribean team beat their young Azzurre opponents by 3-1.

The 28th edition of competition saw the return of the Swiss selection. After sixteen years of absence, they have delighted the audience who came massively to support them, in particular for the two first games against Brazil and China. With a constant offensive presence, the young Laura Unternährer was the greatest revelation of the tournament.

The year following the Olympics, the coaches take advantage of the best invitational tournament in the world to build and test their new teams, mixing young new players with confirmed ones. The best players as Fe Garay (most valuable player), Dani Lins (best setter) or Monica De Gennaro (best receiver) were sharing the stage with talented newcomers. The young Chinese Zhu Ting (18 years old, best scorer of the competition), the two young Russians Daria Isaeva (Best server) and Irinna Zaryazhko (best blocker) really show their potential.

The Montreux Volley Masters is not only famous for featuring the best women's national teams but also for the excellent quality of its hospitality, but also for spreading and promoting volleyball and sports in general. All the fans and partners from Switzerland and Europe have taken advantage of the social aspect of this Top Event. Indeed, the tournament takes place on the Riviera shores with a magnificent view on Leman Lake and all the images are TV-distributed worldwide live (as in Brazil and China) or through highlights. Furthermore, conferences and seminars, as well as several technical courses organised by the sport governing bodies (FIVB, CEV and Swiss Volley) are always valuable side events to serve this purpose. The weather did not invite to outdoor activities; though it did not prevent the staging of the traditional mini-volley tournament which drew some 1400 youngsters over four days who took shelter in the underground of the Montreux Congress Center 2M2C.

The organising committee wants to express heartful thanks the 450 volunteers who served the event with passion and dedication in the various fields and is eagerly looking forward to the 29th edition of the Montreux VolleyMasters which will take place from May 27th to June 1st 2014.


For the second time, after 14 consecutive tournaments, the Organizing Committee decides to forego the organisation of the year's event du to the date too close to the London 2012 Olympics.


A majestic Japanese team won the 27th edition of the Montreux Volley Masters for the first time in the history of the tournament, after defeating Cuba in three sets. On Friday during the Pool game, these two teams already faced each other. Cuba had won 3-2. The Japanese therefore took their revenge on Sunday. The final offered a confrontation of two contrasted styles: the Cuban imposing block and powerful offense were facing the Japanese technical skills and superb defensive play. This match was also historical as it was refereed by two women. In the first set, the Japanese had a hard time to develop their game. Behind from the very beginning, they saved two set balls from Cuba and tied to the score (24-24) to finally win the set 26-24. The players of Masayoshi Manabe took then not only a decisive advantage on the scoreboard but also left the Caribbean discouraged. The audience hoped for a return of the situation but this did not happen. Cuba kept making many direct errors (24 in total) versus only nine for the Asian. Japan won the second set 25-18. In the third and last game, a kill by Sakoda concluded the match (25-19). The setter Nakamichi, 1m59, was named tournament MVP. Beside a team height average almost ten centimeters lower than the Cubans, the Japanese were able to compensate with a seducing game and an always hard-working spirit.


After their victory in 2007, China returns to the highest step of the podium of the Montreux Volley Masters. The Chinese defeated the USA 3-1 in a spectacular final, confirming their impressive shape right before the 2010 World Championship. Thanks to an excellent tactical performance, the Americans turned this final into the amazing game. From the very beginning of the match, it became clear for the 2,400 spectators that this final would be highly competitive and balanced. While the United States convinced with an excellent block-defense strategy, the Chinese women enchanted the audience with well-timed attack combinations. The starting set finished on the tied score of 25-23 in favor of the USA. In the second set, the Americans controlled the game until 16-10, but then China hit back with some important points when they were most needed. This was also the match turning point. Although the game was highly balanced and very entertaining, the Chinese were always a bit faster, higher, and better. After two hours, the pleasant Chinese celebrated their fifth tournament victory here in Montreux.


For its 25th anniversary, the 2009 Montreux Volley Masters celebrated the spectacular return of Brazil and Italy. The two best teams in the world reigned over the tournament and obviously were the ones to fight for the title on Sunday, each of them having registered a straight 3-0 win over their opponents in semi (Brazil against Netherlands and Italy against China). The Olympic title holders kept cool; led towards the victory by the Most Valuable Player of the tournament, Fabiana Claudino Marcelino, they won the final without appeal.


For the first time since 15 years, in 2008 the Montreux VolleyMasters was played as a single round championship with 6 teams. The Olympic Games in Beijing were merely two months away, and Cuba demonstrated to be in such a great shape that they won the tournament, unbeaten, and ahead of China and Italy. Contrary to all expectations, the tournament remained exciting until the very last day. During the “Finalissimia”, Cuba was not at ease and was losing 0:2 but came back to win the game 3:2 in less than two hours. The best players of the tournament were: Yimei Wang (China), Margareta Kozuch (Germany) und Ivana Nesovic (Serbien).


China, here is the winner of the 2007 Montreux Volley Masters. The Chinese coach Zhonghe Chen has confirmed his reputation as skilled tactician, especially by muzzling the key players Rosir Calderon and Nancy Carillo during the final game against Cuba (3-0). The title of most valuable player of the tournament goes to China as well with Qiuyue Wei, who masters the balls and knows exactly how to boost her partners. After two silver medals in 2005 and 2006, China is back on the first step of the podium for their third participation in the final in a row.


In 2006, China didn’t take revenge in the repeat of 2005 Montreux Volley Masters final against Brazil. The Olympic Champion was leading 2-1, but was defeated after a fifth set tiebreaker. It was for the great playing Brazilian team the fourth title in Montreux after winning in 1994, 1995 and 2005.


Brazil comes back to the Montreux Volley Masters after being absent in 2004. The South Americans win the dream final against Olympic Champion China 3-2. The 21st edition of the Montreux Volley Masters marks the start of a new look. The event remains a spectator magnet, as more than 15,000 spectators passed the entry gates. The teams played for a sold out stadium on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


It is the 20th Anniversary of the Montreux Volley Masters. On this occasion, a commemorative statue of Regla Torres, named women player of the century, was unveiled a few meter away from the Pierrier hall along the lake.


A very special year. On one side, we had the SRAS concerns about the epidemic threat that could spread all over the planet and on the other side, the comitee of the Montreux Masters received the confirmation from the FIVB to organise the tournament until 2007. The whole organisation structure became stronger when a strategic committee was created.


Highest ever spectator numbers with more than 15,000 people turning out to watch the 2002 tournament. Italy's strong showing was confirmed when the team won the gold medal in the World Championships 2002.


A tournament which was marked by the supremacy of the Cubans who won their 6th Final of the Montreux competition. For the first time Japan was among the top three in third place.


Only weeks ahead of the Olympic Games in Sydney and the second qualifying round for the Games, Montreux is host to the fantastic Barbara Jelic and her team from Croatia.


Montreux confirms its position as leader by meeting every wish expressed by the best teams in the world, and organises from June 22nd to 27th the only tournament in 1999 which will bring together the stars of world volleyball.


Creation of the 1st Masters in world Volleyball. The "BCV Volley Masters" is host from June 2nd to 7th 1998 to the return of the 6 best teams in the world, and to the new participation of 2 European teams.


For the first time, after 13 consecutive tournaments, the Organizing Committee decides to forego the organisation of the year's event. Following far reaching restructuring of the teams after their participation in the Olympics at Atlanta, the organisers were unable to guarantee the competitive quality of the tournament.


Just 6 weeks before the Olympic Games, the stars of world Volleyball meet in Montreux. First TV broadcasts in Brazil. Creation of a Hospitality Village, a privileged meeting point for our partners.


Organisation of the Press Conference for the "Centenary of the FIVB" in Montreux. A large number of activities destined for Swiss youth, organised to coincide with the centenary and consolidating the close collaboration between the FIVB central organisation and the Montreux tournament. For the first time, the BCV Volley Cup moves from April to June, following the request by the international teams meeting in Brazil.


The 7 best teams in the world are present for the BCV Volley Cup. All time record: 15,000 spectators. For the first time Montreux is host to the International Referees' Seminar of the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV).


8 teams divided into 2 groups. New competition formula over 6 days, with 1 rest day per team.


8 teams divided into 2 groups. The world stars of volleyball adopt the annual rendezvous of the BCV Volley Cup. 6 of the best teams in the world are present in Montreux.


"The Nations' Cup" becomes, thanks to its principal sponsor, "BCV Volley Cup". 9 teams divided into 2 groups.


Acquisition of a Taraflex sports floor, specifically for the Volleyball competition.


The tournament is officially recognised by the International Volleyball Federation, (FIVB). For the first time Montreux is host to the prestigious teams from China and Cuba, world champions and world vice champions respectively. Creation of the first International Trainers' Course.


Simultaneous creation with "The Nations' Cup" of the first Minivolley Meetings, with the participation of more than 800 youngsters from West Switzerland.


Creation of the first Women's Volleyball Tournament in Montreux, "The Nations' Cup", by M. Olivier VOGEL. 5 European teams.



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