«I’m already missing volleyball after three days »


When German
national coach Giovanni Guidetti talks about his favourite kind of sports
volleyball, everybody feels the big passion the Italian has got for it. The
North Italian talked to us about the German recipe of success and his

Giovanni Guidetti
has been the coach of the German national team since 2006, but can’t get enough
of his job; Volleyball is his life: “I enjoy to work with young players every
day and construct a team, with my club Vakifbank Istanbul in Turkey and the
German national team.”

Germany has been
playing till now with a strong and spirited performance at the 29th
Montreux Volley Masters and proved big team spirit: The believe for the victory
has always been one of the big characteristics. “We never give up, even if we
have to fight against a big deficit, we believe in our own power and want to
win.” More than just one proof of the big fighting spirit of the team with
young talents. “It’s not funny to work without a good atmosphere in the team”,
Guidetti explained. The German team has been shining here at the Montreux
Volley Masters as a strong collective and not only because of outstanding
individualists. “We want to work hard, even harder as the other teams”, the 41
years old Italian explains.

The headcoach even
created a special plan for the season. For once, the players weren’t allowed to
go on holidays right away. They had to join the national team first and play
the 29th Montreux Volley Masters and the European-League in Stuttgart. After
these tournaments they will get there well deserved vacation. „During holidays,
they shouldn’t touch any ball and just free their minds. Only their physical
condition needs to stay strong.“ After all they have a big goal: The FIVB Women’s
World Championship in Italy.

Guidetti has been
working with the German team for eight years and with his Turkish club
Vakıfbank Spor Kulübü for six years. He had a lot of success with both of them.
For example, he became vice European-Champion with the Germans, won the Turkish
championship several times in a row and the FIVB Volleyball Women's Club World
Championship in Zürich in 2013.

The Italian lives between
the cultures; Guidetti was born and grew up in Italy, where he started his
career as a coach, is married to the Turkish national player Bahar Toksoy and
lives in Turkey and works a lot in Germany with the national team.
Nevertheless, Giovanni Guidetti has never forgotten his roots, at least the
culinary ones: “I still prefer Pizza to Döner Kebab and Currywurst.”


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