Jaque Carvalho: And finally we’ve got her back


Jaqueline Carvalho is back in action for Brazil

Montreux, Switzerland, May 28, 2014 – Brazilian star Jaqueline Carvalho shared her thoughts on her special comeback after giving birth and her big goal for this season – to win the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship title.

Many supporters talked about it on social media, every one wishing for the return of the Brazilian star in national team for the 29th Montreux Volley Masters. The long wait is finally over as Brazil got back one of their biggest stars.

The 30-year-old Jaqueline remarkably achieved winning two Olympic gold medals, three FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix titles, one FIVB Volleyball Club World Championship title, two silver medals at the FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship, as well as a myriad individual awards. Her achievements and her contributions to the team are enough reasons for the fans’ longing of her return to the national squad. Indeed, her return to the Montreux Volley Masters brought cheers to a lot of Brazilian volleyball fans.

Jaqueline’s absence was not because of an injury nor an accident, but because she gave birth to her son Arthur. Jaqueline and her husband, Murilo Endres, who is one of the main stars of the Brazilian men’s national team, proudly presented their child to the Brazilian press. The event brought great joy to the couple following the difficult time when Jaqueline had a miscarriage just two and a half years ago which was a sharp blow for their families.

Nevertheless, returning to the team was not as easy for Jaqueline.

“I could not train a lot for this tournament,” said Jaqueline. “I only had about a month to prepare and get back in form, but it is such a great feeling that people have confidence in me.”

Jaqueline will not only be returning to play for the team but coach Ze Roberto chose her to lead her team-mates as their captain.

“I’m so happy to play again for the national team,” said Jaqueline. “I will try my best to help out my team-mates. I am one of the most experienced players and it is my task to share this experience with my team.”

Jaqueline’s timely comeback to the national squad is a positive sign in Brazil’s campaign for the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix and the World Championship in Italy as they attempt to improve their two consecutive second place finishes. The Brazilian captain is certain that the Montreux Volley masters is important for their big mission.

“The Montreux Volley Masters is important for me and my team,” said Jaqueline. “It’s the first big tournament with strong teams. It’s important to grow step-by-step and to be ready for the World Championship.”

Brazil is a volleyball-loving nation. With two Olympic gold medals in the bag, the expectations from the fans are higher when it comes to the World Championship. Jaqueline is aware of these expectations but remains confident on their chances.

“There is always pressure on us because we won two Olympic gold medals,” said Jaqueline. “Further, we played in two finals of the World Championship but we lost both. Nevertheless, I am confident that can make it this time as we are working hard as a team. We have a lot of young players who are willing to improve themselves for the World Championship.”

The Brazilian team will make their title defence at the World Grand Prix beginning August 1 in Pool C in Sassari, Italy.


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