Germany gets 7th rank by beating Switzerland


In this battle for the 7th place of the tournament, Germany proved to be stronger than Switzerland that therefore ranks last of the Montreux Volley Masters 2019. The Swiss players did a good job for the whole tournament during which they battled against Turkey (winner of Thailand in first round, and still running for 5th place), against Thailand (sensation of the tournament in the absence of Brasil) and against Italy (winner of the 2018 Montreux Volley Masters and vice world champion) from which they stole each time one set, as here against Germany.  

Germany, who pushed China into an 5-set game and gave cold sweats to Japan in first round, quite logically led the match against Switzerland delivering a much more firm and accurate game. The Swiss players will have the occasion to get their revenge against Germany during next World Championship on August 23th. Good luck to those both wonderful and valiant teams and thank you for the show!