Zé Roberto nominates strong Brazilian team


Source: CBV

The Brazilian national players had only a short break after the
Superfinal and the 2014 FIVB Women’s Club World Championship. As consequence,
the number one of the FIVB World Ranking is heading to the Montreux Volley
Masters with a mix of experienced players and national team novices.


Coach Zé Roberto nominated Natália Martins (São Caetano Esporte Clube),
Angélica (Banana Boat/ Praia Clube) and Carol (Unilever) as middle-blockers,
Tandara (Vôlei Amil), Andréia Laurence (Esporte Clube Pinheiros) and Monique
(Banana Boat/ Praia Clube) as opposites, Ana Tiemi (Bursa B. Sehir Bld.,
Turkey) and Juma (Barueri) as setters, Gabi (Unilever), Natália (Unilever) and
Jaqueline (Molico/Osasco) as wing spikers and Léia (Pinheiros) as libero.
Further on, José Roberto Guimares will take setter Dani Lins (Sesi-SP), Fabíola
(Molico Osasco), middle blocker Adenízia (Molico Osasco) and libero Camila
Brait (Molico/Osasco), who couldn’t participate at the preparation as they were
competing at the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship in Zurich with their
teams, to the Montreux Volley Masters. Other famous players like Thaisa (Molico
Osasco), Sheilla Castro (former Molico Osasco, new VakifBank Istanbul, Turkey)
and captain Fabiana (Sesi-SP) won’t come to Switzerland as they need to take a
break after the long season.


Zé Roberto, former player of the Brazilian Men’s national team and gold
medallist, is happy about the atmosphere in his squad: “The team is ready and
open to new ideas. They enjoy training and work and I see that they make an
effort. Our first weeks and contacts were really great and we want give our
best at the Montreux Volley Masters.” José Roberto Guimarães, better known as
Zé Roberto, is sure that Montreux will be a big challenge for his team: “We’ve
got a difficult group with Russia, China and Switzerland. The Swiss are
considered as the ones with the shortest volleyball tradition of the three
teams, but not less important. We need to win against Switzerland to pass the


Further on, the Brazilian national coach sees the Montreux Volley
Masters as an important start for the long season lying ahead: “Our preparation
started with the presentation of the team. The FIVB Grand Prix will be a long
competition and we’ve got the 2014 FIVB Women’s World Championship afterwards,
which is our main goal this season. That’s the reason why the Montreux Volley
Masters is an important indicator for us and the squad. The tournament is known
for the high quality of the participating teams:”


A novice in the Brazilian national team is middle blocker Carol. The 23
years old player of Superliga champion Unilever Vôlei is happy about her first
nomination to the national team: “It’s is a personal wish-fulfilment.” And
Carol knows that this nomination is the consequence of a very good season: “I
played well in the Brazilian Superliga this year. Nevertheless, I won’t have
too high expectations as my position is really disputed. Players like Fabiana,
Thaisa, Adenízia and Juciely are favourites. My goal must be to learn a lot, to
improve myself and to show my work.”


On the same position as Carol plays the 29 years old returnee Natália
Martins. The player of São Caetano Esporte Clube returns to the national team
after two years of absence – and Natália Martins is sure to be ready to fight
for a place in the roster: “I am really happy for this nomination. I believe
our squad can have a big role at the Montreux Volley Masters.”


The Olympic gold medallists start on the 27 of May against Switzerland
at 16.30 local. 


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