Yellow Tigers overpower titleholders Turkey


Montreux, Switzerland, May 31, 2016- The third game at Pierrier Sports Hall in Montreux presented two European giants from Pool A, Turkey and Belgium. Last year’s crowned champions ‘Sultans of the Net- Turkey’ and ‘Yellow Tigers- Belgium’ clashed to win their first game. The action packed game saw great long rallies and incredible young players fighting for victory.  Belgium excelled through the game winning 3-1 (26-24, 17- 25, 25- 21 and 25-13).

Last year’s crowned Montreux Volley Masters 2015 champions hit the court to battle for another championship. The two teams clash regularly in other tournaments. Young coach Ferhat Akbas’s side lost the lead at the beginning of the first set as Belgium used their full force attacks, later the Challenge was introduced to tell if the ball was in or out. Belgium continued to take advantage of the empty areas of the court while Turkey players were absent in defending it.  The two teams were at a tie at 16-16, later Turkey scored two important points which they lead 18-16 against Belgium when they entered the technical time-out. Belgium took lead at the end of the set winning 26-24 against Turkey. Turkey switched sides with disappointment for not protecting the set.

The second set started with a more dominant Turkey side, Ferhat Akbas’s team led comfortably against the ‘Yellow Tigers’. The errors that were made in the previous set by Turkey were revised as it was reflected on the court. The teams entered the technical timeout with Turkey ahead by 12-8 and later Turkey dominated with a strong defence. Towards the end of the set, the Challenge was introduced as Belgium was believed to have touched the net, later it was proved they hadn’t. Turkey won the second set comfortably by 25-16 which brought a draw to the overall game 1-1.

The battle continued head-on during the third set as the Sultans and the Tigers struggled to take lead 8-8. Once again the Challenge was presented for the fourth time when the two teams tied at 11-11.  Belgium argued that the ball went off Turkey block which later was proved it was touched by Turkey player.  Belgium led 17-13 when they entered the technical timeout. Belgium won the third set with an excellent spike by Laura Heyrman 21-25.

The start of the fourth set provided the same as the two teams constantly fought head-on which portrayed equal strengths, however Belgium Aelbrecht’s energy and pace added a lead towards mid set. The end of the set was comfortable for Belgium as their opponents made errors and the final point was scored by experienced Aelbrecht’s excellent spike, the middle blocker also contributed 23 points to the team which made her the most scorer of the game and the whole day compared to the other matches that were played. Belgium walked off the court with an important victory winning the final set 25-13 and the game 3-1 against their rival team, Turkey. 


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