Brazil takes 5th place after battling Swiss side winning 3-0


Montreux, Switzerland, June 4, 2016- The first game of the fifth day at Pierrier Sports Hall in Montreux presented young Brazil and Switzerland playing for the super Saturday classification match. The game was action packed and presented a game full of incredible defence, superb spikes and entertaining rallies where the Brazilian side won 3-0 (25-6, 25- 18 and 25- 21).

Pierrier Sports Hall opened its doors for the first classification match between young Brazil and host Switzerland fighting for fifth place in the tournament. Both teams played the classification game in hopes of securing their place.  

The first set brought great attacks by Brazil dominating throughout the set with excellent organisation and effective attacks. Today’s Brazil took full advantage of disorganised Swiss defence. Switzerland continued to make errors in serves and spikes, aiming outside the court costing points but worked hard to adjust to the Brazilian play. Switzerland took its second timeout when the young Brazilians were ahead by 20-5. The first set ended with Brazil 25-6 Switzerland with the help of Brazilian wing spiker Gabriela’s excellent spike.

Brazil in the second set started off extremely fast paced and quick to take lead. The Swiss side had trouble with reception. Towards mid-set, the spectators enjoyed long rallies and Switzerland attempted to make a comeback with excellent attacks from Swiss Captain Laura Kunzler and Maja Storck as they didn’t want to let go of the game and recover from a bad performance in the previous set. Brazil won the second set by 25-18 but the last set point brought an incredible battle as the Swiss side defended extremely well causing long rallies, but the block-out point gave the young U23 FIVB World Champions to close the set 2-0 ahead of the hosts.

The final set started with long rallies and head-on as the Swiss team made an incredible come back challenging the Brazilians 10-12. The Swiss crowd enjoyed their team leading the set so far where they cheered and supported their team. The battle continued throughout head-on, with ties and fun long rallies testing each team’s defence. The battle ended brilliantly with Brazil winning the set 25-21 and the game 3-0. Brazil team Captain Rosamaria Montibeller scored 17 points becoming the most scorer for this game. Brazil setter Naiane Rios also contributed 5 points to her team with excellent pass and great serves in today’s game. 


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