Brazil won the Montreux Volley Masters for the sixth time...


Brazil defeated Russia in three sets in the final of the 2013 Montreux Volley Masters on Sunday. Both Brazil (ranked 2nd in the FIVB World ranking) and Russia (ranked 6th) played an excellent volleyball during all three sets. The first set was tight and although the Russians were leading during a while, they had difficulties to keep their advantage until the end. Priscila Daroit and the captain Fernanda Rodrigues showed their team the way of the victory and ended up winning the first set 25-23. In the second set, the South Americans started strong and dominated most of the game, although Russia tried unsuccessfully to come back at the very end. Furthermore Russia’s head coach Marichev Iuriy received a red card. As a result this gave one additional point to the Brazilians, who later killed their set ball to close the set at 25-23. From that time, the Russians started to lose hope and had problems to keep the same level as previously. After 87 minutes of game, the “seleção” won the last set 25-22 and became the winners of the 28th edition of the Montreux Volley Masters. The captain Fe Garay, who scored 16 points during this final game, has been elected MVP of the tournament.  

1. Brazil
2. Russia
3. Dominican Republic
4. Italy
5. Japan
6. China
7. Germany
8. Switzerland

Tournament MVP Fernanda Rodrigues, BRA #16
Best scorer Ting Zhu, CHN #08
Best spiker Miyu Nagaoka, JPN #01
Best blocker        Irina Zaryazhko, RUS #04
Best server Daria Isaeva, RUS #03
Best digger Camila Brait, BRA #18
Best setter Danielle Lins, BRA #03
Best receiver Monica De Gennaro, ITA #06
Best libero Mengjie Wang, CHN #11


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