The new Russian generation is ready to show its power in Montreux


The Russian Volleyball Federation has
recently published a list with 13 players who will be participating in the
Montreux Volley Masters 2014. Their Head Coach, Yuri Marichev, will bring
along in Montreux four players who just won the CEV European Women's
Challenge Cup as well as nine players to whom a first opportunity is offered
with the national team.

It is worth noting
that a lot of young players are on this list such as Elena Novik, Irina
Fetisova and Anastasia Bavykina. And surprisingly several famous players, such
as Tatiana Kosheleva, Natalia Obmochaeva, Yulia Morozova, Evgeniya Startseva
and Svetlana Kryuchkova are not selected so far, but they will join the
training session in mid-June to prepare for the Boris Yeltsin Cup on July 9-13 and
the FIVB World Grand Prix in August.

For these occasions
the Russian team consists of 13 players in which most of them are from the
Super League. That means we will see many new faces on each position. Zarechie
Odintsovo occupy the majority. The team has eight Generation-Y players. Setter Ekaterina
Kosianenko (Pankova) has had a stable performance in the regular season,
however, her team Zarechie Odintsovo was ranked on the sixth place of 2013/2014
Russian Championship. The second setter, Elena Novik, is a player of the
Russian Youth National Team. Elena participated at the U20 FIVB World
Championships 2013, in which her team was ranked sixth at the end of the
tournament. On the middle blocker position, the coach invited three players. Irina
Fetisova which was a big surprise in this season. Her performance in Zarechie
Odintsovo was just incredible. Earlier this year, Irina helped Zarechie
Odintsovo to win the CEV European Challenge Cup Champions title by her
excellent winning blocks.  Note that
Irina was awarded as the Best Middle Blocker at the U20 FIVB World
Championships. The other two players are the major middle blocker in the
national team - Irina Zaryazhko and Anastasia Shlyakhovaya. With her height of
1.96m, Zaryazhko has an absolute advantage on the net. Besides score players
like Natalia Malykh, the coach has selected a few newcomers this time. The most
remarkable one, Nelli Alisheva, is even taller than Ekaterina Gamova: 206 cm!
Nelli is probably the tallest woman volleyball player in Russia and even in the
world. The libero, Anna Malova, has many years of competition experience, which
can definitely help the team with her stable reception.

With being the top
ranked team in the several past world major tournaments (2006 and 2010 World
Championship Gold medal, 2013 Universiade Gold medal and 2013 European
Championship Gold medal), the goal of the Russian team is very clear: win the
gold medal of FIVB World Championship in Italy this year. The Russian national
team has started its preparations at Novogorsk Training Centre in Moscow on May
14. to prepare for the Montreux Volley Masters.

Roster of Team Russia

Setter: Ekaterina
Kosianenko (Zarechie Odintsovo), Elena Novik (Proton)

Middle Blocker:
Irina Zaryazhko (Uralochka-NTMK), Irina Fetisova (Zarechie Odintsovo),
Anastasia Shlyakhovaya (Omichka Omsk)

Attacker: Anastasia
Bavykina (Zarechie Odintsovo), Yulia Kutyukova (Omichka Omsk), Yana Shcherban
(Dinamo Krasnodar), Anastasia Markova (Dinamo Moscow), Natalia Malykh (Zarechie
Odinzovo), Nelli Alisheva (Proton)

Libero: Ekaterina
Chernova (Uralochka-NTMK), Anna Malova (Dinamo Moscow)


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